Well, my feeling is so mixed now, even it’s very difficult for me to elaborate it. But, let me try. Sometimes, hard decision like ‘1′ or ‘0′ is necessary in our life to prevent us from endless stagnancy.

“Go on? Run!”

“Quit? Move on!”

Sometimes, we can fully believe in our dreams when we lose everything. Because we have nothing to lose anymore. So, we’re not afraid of losing anymore. Some people may judge us, but this is a true moment when we stand for ourselves. And, let our past be gifts from God.

We can also feel bad about ourselves if we want and surely we don’t see any benefit on that. Conversely, we can take every positive thing in our life and let it be a good vibe.

About toxic, do you know that drugs can not only be a cure but also a toxic? It depends on the dosage and our illness. So, about toxic person, well I know that this person can also be a cure for us, perhaps. But, when you know a drug becomes a toxic, you should stop using it, right? How can you know about that? Easy, just see the effect in yourself, whether it’s good or bad, allergy, or only side effect. Still doubt it? Just continue and see it. Then, you realize what happens to yourself, which one is true, and which one is only a denial.

ini ngereblognya sambil mimbik mimbik 😢😢😢

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